Devotion Podcast  

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St. John School  

Worship is both taught and caught.  At St. John School and Preschool our children start the day with Word and worship and end the day with prayer.  In between they might be heard blasting out with smiles: "This Little Gospel Light of Mine" or connecting ancient psalms with modern music as they catch and learn what it means to worship in spirit and in truth.

Coming Up in Worship  

In November, as we see the seasons changing, we are reminded that the end of seasons is also coming.  On 11/2, we are encouraged to minister with confidence.  On 11/9, we are encouraged to focus our treasure to make a difference for time and for eternity.  On 11/16, we celebrate Saints Triumphant as look up to heaven.  On 11/23, we finish the church year celebrating Christ as King!

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