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June 2020

Register / Reserve a Space for Worship

We have limited seating for our resumed in-person worship.  Therefore, to worship with us in-person, register and reserve a space here! 

Public Worship Resumes!

General Information

  • Public Worship Services will restart Sunday, June 28.
  • We will offer services Sundays at 9:00 A.M.  When that service exceeds social distancing capacity, we may add a service.
  • We will continue to record our services in our current format.
  • We will ensure proper distancing and sanitizing to the best of our ability.
  • Following state guidance, 50 people will be permitted to attend each service.
  • Worshipers are required to register online (a link is on our homepage) to ensure that we don't exceed the appropriate number of people in each service. If you aren't able to register online, you may register by speaking with someone in the office (847-362-4424). Caution: Office hours are sporadic, and we are not taking reservations by voicemail or email.

Safety Expectations

  • If you - or anyone in your household - have symptoms of COVID-19, worship at home.
  • If you - or anyone in your household - are at high risk of serious illness, please worship at home.
  • If you are uncomfortable attending services at this time, feel free to worship at home.
  • "If you won't wear a mask, please worship at home!"
  • Our in-person worship services are for people wearing masks and socially distancing.

More Information Here!

Office / Ministry Update

COVID-19 Update - 6/20/20

Office Hours

Our office hours will be limited. Call before coming to the office - 847-362-4424.

Care and Communion

We are here to serve you in sickness and in health. Perhaps it is best for you to stay home, but you are longing for the peace offered by Jesus in Word and Sacrament - let us know. Perhaps you are dealing with illness, and need support for body and/or soul - let us know. Perhaps you or someone you know is distressed by the turmoil of these days - let us know. We will seek to provide our Lord's help!

Our contact information: (Please leave a message if no one answers.)

Church / School - 847-362-4424

Pastor's Cell - 847-223-1526

Jon Woldt's Cell - 920-266-6773

April 2020

e-Learning at St. John

I've been hearing good things about eLearning at St. John, and I'd like you to hear them also! - Pastor Raddatz

Here is what a parent says about the St. John e-school / e-learning experience: Thank you so much, St. John teachers, for all the hard work and dedication to our children since we started e-learning. We have been so impressed by how much you care about the continued education of our kids and the resources and helpfulness you have given to us parents to help us keep them learning. 

The education and support that the St. John teachers have provided since we started online learning is far and above what we have heard from other family and friends across the country. We are so appreciative that our teachers love and care for our children this much. We miss our St. John family and can't wait until we're back together again!

February 2020

Ash Wednesday - More than a Smudge

On Ash Wednesday, we have an ash tradition. We don't get a smudge on our foreheads, but we make the sign of a cross on our "ash banner." As we make our individual marks with the mucky ash (ash and olive oil), we confess our personal guilt before God, our need for Jesus. As we make the sign of the cross, we confess that Christ died for me, for us. As we make our marks together, we confess that we are guilty together - we're no less guilty than others; no one is more guilty than us. As we make the sign of the cross together, we confess that we are forgiven together, together with each other, forgiven to be together with God. If you have questions about our tradition, please ask!

This year, Ash Wednesday is February 26.  Our services are at 4pm and 7pm.  We serve supper between the services.  Please join us!

January 2020

Curriculum Night at St. John Lutheran School

Come meet our staff, tour classrooms and get your questions answered about the curriculum offerings at St. John Lutheran School. The "Curriculum Night" starts at 6 pm and will run until 7:30 pm. Everyone ~ current and prospective families ~ are welcome to attend.

Lutheran School Sunday

Join us for worship at 9 am.  After worship, you are invited to enjoy food and fellowship as you tour our school and see the blessings of a Christ-centered education for children in preschool (age 3) through grade 8.  At 11 am please join us for a Chili lunch for the whole family.  

Christmas Tree De-Decorating Party

Join us Sunday, January 5, after Family Bible Hour, as we set our Christmas decorations aside. We will have pizza after we clean up.