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January 2022

Jan 1 - In-Person Worship - January

With the renewed mask mandate across Illinois, we now offer masked worship - Saturdays at 5 and Sundays at 9.

Before and After Service - Take advantage of the opportunity to meet and greet each other outside.

Doorways and Aisles - Let's avoid bottlenecks to give space to those more comfortable with more space.

Wary of Crowding?  Join us Saturdays for a smaller crowd.  And on Sundays, our service is live (audio and video) in our Fellowship Hall.

We invite you to mask up and join us on our mission - to declare the praises of our God!

Jan 11 - Enrollment Open for 2022-23 School Year

St. John Lutheran School is accepting enrollment applications for the 2022-23.  Enrollment applications can be filled out online, saved as a PDF and emailed to the following email:

If you would like to schedule a personal tour of St. John Lutheran School please contact us today:  847-362-4424 or