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April 2020

e-Learning at St. John

I've been hearing good things about eLearning at St. John, and I'd like you to hear them also! - Pastor Raddatz

Here is what a parent says about the St. John e-school / e-learning experience: Thank you so much, St. John teachers, for all the hard work and dedication to our children since we started e-learning. We have been so impressed by how much you care about the continued education of our kids and the resources and helpfulness you have given to us parents to help us keep them learning. 

The education and support that the St. John teachers have provided since we started online learning is far and above what we have heard from other family and friends across the country. We are so appreciative that our teachers love and care for our children this much. We miss our St. John family and can't wait until we're back together again!

Sharing Jesus, Not Germs - Updated

Our Worship Services will now be online and at home.  We will NOT be gathering at church.  We are providing a suite of worship helps that are available online and (some) that are available through the mail.  If you would like to be on our home worship material mailing list, please let us know at 

Please see below for more information.

Caring, Cautious, Not Worried - Updated #2

At St. John, we aren't worried about coronavirus.

We aren't worried because we have our God's promise to deliver us from evil. He may deliver us from evil by giving us health and keeping us in health. He may deliver us from evil by restoring us from illness to health. He may deliver us from evil by delivering us out of this world through death to life in heaven. Which of these is best for us? In this world we tend to be very short-sighted, but God is able to see out into the future (both future possibilities and future realities). God knows what will be best for us, and he is able to work what is best for us. Knowing God's love and promise, what do we say? "Thy will be done!" So we aren't worried about coronavirus.

At the same time, at St. John we are concerned and cautious.

We are concerned and cautious because we love each other (and every stranger we meet). In love, we don't want to hurt or harm each other; we don't want to infect each other (not even with the common cold). Therefore, we are concerned and cautious and taking care:

  • our weekend public worship services are on hold for the foreseeable future
  • our office is closed and other on-site group activities suspended until further notice.

At St. John, our worship is worldwide!

Yes, our worship services are on the World Wide Web. We don't live-stream, but we do offer audio of the entire service, and both audio-video of the sermon and a printed copy of the sermon. On our website homepage, in the top menu, click on the "Church" link, and you will find a blue box with a "Worship Online" link taking you to our worship library. If you have some ideas on how we can improve our online worship presence or our social media presence, please let us know.

At St. John, we realize that the coronavirus will likely hit close to home.

Instead of worrying, we are taking hold of our Lord's promise, praying for his wisdom, love, and health. And since we are called by God to be good neighbors, we are seeking to be careful and cautious. If you have questions, or concerns, please ask! God bless!

March 2020

COVID-19 Update - 3/19/20

St. John School Plans

Along with schools throughout Illinois, school is closed for now. Our teachers have made plans to help our students continue their educational experiences from home.

Office Hours

Our office hours will be limited. Call before coming to the office - 847-362-4424.

Care and Communion

We are here to serve you in sickness and in health. Perhaps it is best for you to stay home, but you are longing for the peace offered by Jesus in Word and Sacrament - let us know. Perhaps you are dealing with illness, and need support for body and/or soul - let us know. Perhaps you or someone you know is distressed by the turmoil of these days - let us know. We will seek to provide our Lord's help!

Our contact information: (Please leave a message if no one answers.)

Church / School - 847-362-4424

Pastor's Cell - 847-223-1526

Jon Woldt's Cell - 920-266-6773

February 2020

Ash Wednesday - More than a Smudge

On Ash Wednesday, we have an ash tradition. We don't get a smudge on our foreheads, but we make the sign of a cross on our "ash banner." As we make our individual marks with the mucky ash (ash and olive oil), we confess our personal guilt before God, our need for Jesus. As we make the sign of the cross, we confess that Christ died for me, for us. As we make our marks together, we confess that we are guilty together - we're no less guilty than others; no one is more guilty than us. As we make the sign of the cross together, we confess that we are forgiven together, together with each other, forgiven to be together with God. If you have questions about our tradition, please ask!

This year, Ash Wednesday is February 26.  Our services are at 4pm and 7pm.  We serve supper between the services.  Please join us!

January 2020

Curriculum Night at St. John Lutheran School

Come meet our staff, tour classrooms and get your questions answered about the curriculum offerings at St. John Lutheran School. The "Curriculum Night" starts at 6 pm and will run until 7:30 pm. Everyone ~ current and prospective families ~ are welcome to attend.

October 2019


There's something about home. Home is where you relax after a long day of work. Home is where you can let your hair down, because you know the people there will love you, even with your quirks and flaws. Home is where you feel most safe, in a world which is anything but.

Jesus intended for his church to be more than a school where we learn about God's Word. He intended it to be more than a cathedral where we praise our Creator. Jesus intended for church to be a home, a place where we gather with Christian family and enjoy all the blessings of home.

On October 20, we are celebrating Welcome Home Sunday. We will talk about the importance of having the support of a Christian community. One major goal for this Sunday? We want to have our whole family with us! Let's pack the house! Let's see what that looks like, when we all come together. Please do everything possible to set that date aside so you can join your brothers and sisters in Christ.

NO service on Saturday, October 19; join us on Sunday!

August 2019

St. John Lutheran School Welcomes New Teachers!

As St. John Lutheran School opens the 2019-20 school year, the faculty will include two new teachers.  Ms. Alyssa Tessmer will serve as the teacher of the upper grades and Mrs. Donna Woldt will serve as a Preschool & Resource teacher.  Our two new teachers will be installed during our 9 am worship service on Sunday, August 18.  A time of food and fellowship follows the service.  Please join us!

St. John "Back to School" Community Picnic ~ August 24

Everyone is cordially invited! Please join us for worship (in your picnic clothes) at 4 pm. After worship, join us for fellowship, food, music, games, and fun for all!

July 2019

August 7: St. John School Open House

Join us at 6 pm at St. John School for an Open House prior to our 2019-20 school year. Come and meet our teachers and visit our classrooms. Let us personally present to you the blessings of St. John Lutheran School and how your child would be served in a loving, safe Christ-centered learning environment.

Interested in a Tour of St. John?

Are you looking for a new church home?  Are you considering a new school for your child?  We would love to set us your personal tour today!  Please contact us at

Connecting with Jesus & His Word

It was a special night, June 19, at St. John. It was a gathering that included fellowship, food and biblical discussions to help "take Jesus and His Word" home.

After good fellowship and food, we spent an hour around in a safe, caring environment where questions were asked and answers were given in the light of God's Word. Are you interested in more opportunities to like this one? Please contact us today at!

Welcome Ms. Alyssa Tessmer!

Ms. Alyssa Tessmer is the newest member of the St. John Ministry Team.  Ms. Tessmer will serve as teacher of grades 6-8 and will also help out as Youth Group Leader.  Ms. Tessmer brings a wealth of gifts to her new role at St. John and is excited to serve the students under her care.

May 2019

Summer VBS

Vacation Bible School is happening this summer at St. John Lutheran School! Whether you want to sing some catchy songs, make some cool crafts, or play awesome games, VBS is sure to be a blast....into space! The best part is, for all four days, we also get to learn about God's love and miraculous plan of salvation.

We still need volunteers, too! Whether you can be here for just one day or all four, we'll find a way for you to help out in this fun adventure.

When? June 17- 20, 9-11am

Where? St. John School - 501 West Park Ave.

Cost? no cost this year, but if you want to donate any amount it will be graciously accepted.

Questions? Please call 847.362.4424

Email to register or sign up to help.

Connecting With Jesus & His Word: In Our Homes and Lives

Join us at St. John on Wednesday, June 19, for a special evening of . . .
Food: Pizza supper will be served at 5 pm in our Fellowship Hall.

Fellowship: Get to know each other in a casual setting.

Biblical Discussion Groups (5:45 - 6:45 pm):
† Offers a time to discuss timely topics related to Jesus and His Word.
† Offers a "safe place" to ask questions and to be encouraged.

For Whom?
† Everyone (Married, Single, "Empty Nesters". . . ) is invited to attend
† Interested teens may join the discussion groups with parents.
† Please invite your friends & neighbors!

Do you have childcare needs?
Please let us know as you RSVP if you need childcare during the discussion group time.

Jon Woldt, Principal & Staff Minister of Outreach / 847-362-4424 Ext. 2002

Registration Day

This Tuesday, May 7, is our official registration day for the 2019-2020 school year.  Registration times are 3:45 to 6 and a taco fiesta will be provided by the school board!  It is not too late to register your child or encourage others to do so!  Applications will still be taken over the summer so keep spreading the word!

April 2019

Christ is Risen!

The Best News Possible - Jesus Lives!  Join us on Easter, and see what you have going for you with the living Jesus!

Join us for -

Sunrise service at 6:30.

Breakfast at 7:30

Festival Service at 9:00

What is a Tenebrae Service?

We invite you to join us Good Friday, April 19, at 7pm, for a special Tenebrae Service. In Word and song, we will hear the Good News of Jesus' death for us, "good" because Jesus' death won for us - yes, for the world! - forgiveness for our sin and guilt. Because of Jesus' death, we get to enjoy life with God!

A Tenebrase Service is a worship service that incorporates shadows and darkness. As the service progresses, candles are extinguished and lights are dimmed to impress on us the utter darkness and loneliness, the horrible curse that Jesus faced on the cross. In darkness, we'll hear of Jesus' death and burial. Then, we will hear the loud crash of the strepitus (many of us will jump!). In various Tenebrae traditions, the strepitus stands for the earth shaking and rocks breaking at Jesus' death, the stone rolled in front of Jesus' tomb, or the rending of Christ's tomb on Easter morning. Then, as the service closes, we will see a sign of hope - in the darkness, a light still burns - Easter is coming!

Palm Sunday WorKship Day

Early in the service our children parade with palms and brighten our service with songs of praise to Christ our King. During Family Bible Hour, our children have Sunday School while our adults find a way to serve Christ as King. We have a list of projects - inside and out, church and school - available in the office. Feel free to come dressed for worKship. We'll have pizza for those who are still working at lunch-time.

Shoreland Choir Here!

Our Shoreland High School Choir will be singing a key role in our worship service on Sunday, April 7, at 9 am.  Singing various styles of music, the choir will show that great Christian music goes beyond style to content, as they sing the praises of Jesus Christ by showing us the greatness of Christ - his person, his work, and his Word!  Join us on Sunday.  (Our Saturday service will be without the choir.)

February 2019

Accreditation Renewal Visit at St. John Lutheran School

March 11-13, St. John Lutheran School will welcome a WELSSA (WELS School Accreditation) team. This formal review is done every five years and is conducted by a team of private and public school principals. The purpose of the visit is to review the overall education program offers at St. John Lutheran School, affirm the excellent quality of the educational programming, and offer suggestions for improvement.  St. John Lutheran School currently holds an Exemplary Accreditation status from WELSSA and is recognized by NCPSA (National Council for Private School Accreditation) as a school of educational excellence.

Bring a Friend Day is Back!

Are you or someone you know interested in enrolling their child at St. John?  On Monday, February 18, we invite children to attend our "Bring a Friend to School" day.  Forms will be available soon. Preschool (3 years old and potty trained) through kindergarten children are invited to attend a half day of school (8-11:45 am) and students in grades 1-8 are welcome to attend a half or full day (8-3:30 pm) of school.  There is no cost to participate and all are welcome! For more information or to participate, please call our school office 847.362.4424 or email us at 

January 2019

Let's "Explore God" Together in 2019!

St. John is offering a new sermon series and Bible study opportunity during the months of January and February. They will both focus on "Seven Questions" people tend to ask when exploring God and His Word.

Please join us on Saturdays (Bible study at 4 pm & Worship at 5 pm) or Sundays (Worship at 9 am & Bible study at 10:30 am).

October 2018

Veterans Day Celebration ~ Wednesday, November 7

Veterans and Active Duty Military are invited to attend a very special event.  Please join us as we honor you at our Veterans Day Celebration on Wednesday, November 7.  We will begin the day with a chapel service at 8:30 am, thanking God for all who have served and continue to serve and protect our country in the various branches of the military.

After the worship service, we will raise our flag and honor our country as we sing the "National Anthem."  Brunch will be served by the 7th and 8th-grade students of St. John Lutheran School in our Fellowship Hall for veterans, current service members, and their families. 

Please RSVP ~ 847-362-4424 or


Mark your calendars! St. John Lutheran Trunk-or-Treat will be Sunday, October 28, 2-4 pm! Decorate your trunk and pass out candy! Or just come wearing your best Halloween costume and enjoy yourself! The Youth Group will be in charge of operating games for the kids as well!

If you will be decorating a trunk, please let me know soon!

Start thinking about how you could help out! Volunteers will be needed! Please contact Justin Wintrone at justin.wintrone@stjohnslib with any questions or to volunteer.

September 2018

Bible Instruction Class ~ New Sessions Starting Soon!

Are you interested in learning more about the truths of God's Word? Would you like to attend a class with a friend or relative to help him or her learn more about precious truths of Jesus and His Word? Please consider contacting Jon Woldt, Principal & Staff Minister of Outreach and he will find a class time that can work for you: or 920-266-6773 (Voice/Text).


Sunday School - for children in preschool through grade 8 begins this Sunday (9/16). We gather in the Fellowship Hall after church, and at 10:25, we head to our class rooms to grow with Jesus!

Teen Bible Class - for our high school students is a new opportunity led by Justin Wintrone. Teens mingle in the Fellowship Hall after church, and at 10:25 head to class with Jesus.

Spread the Word - and invite friends, family, and neigh- bors to our "Family Bible Hour" for all ages.  If you have questions, contact Jon Woldt, Principal & Staff Minister of Outreach.

August 2018

Join us for St. John's Annual Community Picnic

Join us for worship Saturday, September 8, at 4pm, followed by our community picnic. All are welcome! Don't be shy! Bring a friend! 

Trunk or Treat!

Mark your calendars! St. John Lutheran Trunk-or-Treat will be Sunday, October 28, 2-4 PM! Decorate your trunk and pass out candy! Or just come wearing your best Halloween costume and enjoy yourself! The Youth Group will be in charge of operating games for the kids as well!

Let us know very soon if you will be hosting a trunk!

Or start thinking about how else you could help out! Volunteers are needed! Please contact Justin Wintrone at justin.wintrone@stjohnslib with any questions or to volunteer. Look for more information soon!

Opening Worship Service for the New School Year!

On Sunday, August 19, at 2:19 pm, join us for a special worship service to begin the 2018-19 school year at St. John Lutheran School. After the worship service, there will be a short presentation followed by an opportunity to tour classrooms and personally interact with our teachers and staff members. Please consider joining us with your family and friends.

Come Visit Us at Gurnee Days ~ August 11 & 12!

We would love you and your friends to stop by and see the St. John Lutheran Church and School Booth (#57) at Gurnee Days on August 11-12. Please stop in and say "hi." We would love to personally tell you of the many blessings we have to share at St.John and to personally invite you to "Join Our Family."


Save the Date! St. John Fall Picnic

St. John Fall Picnic
Saturday, September 8
Worship at 4 pm with children singing
(Note changed time of worship.)

Fun, Food, Fellowship & Games to Follow Worship!


July 2018


Please, join us for our St. John School "Open House" on Wednesday, August 1, starting at 6 pm. The evening begins with the introductions of our St. John ministry team. We will highlight some special things for our families with preschool and kindergarten students and then invite our guests to tour all of our classrooms.  
During the tour, feel free to ask any questions to help you gain a clear understanding of the excellent instruction offered for students in preschool (age 3) - grade 8. Please, join us on August 1. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring your friends, too!

Financial Peace University Classes!

Join us for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, the program that teaches you how to take control of your money! Classes begin in August for the 9-week session, and registration is open! We will have 2 opportunities for you: Thursdays at 6:00 pm, beginning August 23 and Tuesdays at 10:00 am, beginning August 28. To sign up simply click on "Thursday" or "Tuesday" above and fill in the form. If you have any questions, please call Jon at 847-362-4424.


June 2018

View the Blessings of St. John School!

To share the blessings of St. John School, new videos have been placed on our website for you to view. We hope they will help you and others see the wonderful program of Christ-centered education we offer in preschool (age 3) through grade 8. Please take a look at them today and share them with others.

Video #1: Scroll to the bottom of the page to view.

Video #2: You will find this one right at the top!

There is a third video as well. Can you find it? I'll give you a hint. It tells about our International Program!



Sign Up for VBS 2018 ~ Splash Canyon ~ June 25-28

It is not too late too late! Please sign up online today for VBS 2018 Splash Canyon. Children in preschool through grade 6 are cordially invited to attend.

At Splash Canyon, kids discover that Jesus is by their side on life's wild ride. God saves us through Jesus and gives us life and hope every day and forever.

Sign up your children today. Invite your friends and neighbors, too. Everyone is welcome!

Join us at Libertyville Days!

Share a St. John smile at our Libertyville Days booth, June 15-17. We will be located in the same spot as the last few years. What? You haven't attended before? Come, enjoy the (hopefully) beautiful weather, and find us! This is a great time to meet people and give them a smile from Jesus. For more information, contact Stephanie in our office at 847-362-4424 or

Join Us for “Family Bible Hour” at St. John

Please consider joining us for "Family Bible Hour" at St. John during the summer months, too. Starting June 3 and offered through August 12, Summer Sunday School ~ "Serving with Joy" ~ will be offered for children in preschool through grade 8. Summer Sunday School is part of our "Family Bible Hour" that includes food, fellowship and Bible study for children and adults following our 9 am Sunday worship. Please join us for worship & Bible study!


May 2018

Libertyville Days!

Please visit our "St. John Booth" at Libertyville Days: June 15, 16 & 17. Meet some of the members of our St. John Church and School family and receive information on our various ministry programs.

On Saturday, June 16, please gather at the Libertyville Metra Station at 9:30 am, and walk with us in the Libertyville Days Parade. It a special time of fun and fellowship and we really hope you can join us!

Summer Care at St. John

Are you seeking a fun, safe learning environment for your children this summer? Consider enrolling your child(ren) in our Summer Care at St. John. Summer Care (May 29-August 10) is open daily (M-F) 7 am - 6 pm. Click here to sign up today!

Graduation and Farewell to Follow

Sunday, May 20 | 9 - 11 AM

After our worship service on Sunday, May 20, we will have a special time of fellowship to thank our Lord for the 2018 graduating class of St. John Lutheran School and wish them the Lord's richest blessings in the high school years and beyond.

We will also thank the Lord, share some memories over the years and wish the Lord's richest blessings to these faithful called workers:

  • Jaime Drewitz
  • Michelle Wachal
  • Joel Westenberg

April 2018

School Choice Scholarships

Apply Now!

St. John School is in the new Illinois school choice/tax credit scholarship program!  Scholarship eligibility is determined based on household income with scholarships covering up to 100% of St. John's tuition and fees. Scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis, so please act now! Apply online at Empower Illinois, our scholarship granting organization (SGO).

Donate Now!

Receive a 75% tax credit!  Donate $1000 and receive a $750 tax credit on your Illinois income tax!  Even better and more importantly, donate now and you will help a child learn and grow with Jesus! 

For more information, see our dedicated webpage on the program HERE, or contact either Principal Jon Woldt at or Youth Ministry Elder Peter Kolch at with any questions.

School Registration Day - Tuesday, May 1

Please attend our special "Registration Day" to begin (walk-ins welcome!) or complete the registration process for the 2018-19 school year at St. John Lutheran School.  Stop in anytime on Tuesday, May 1, between  3:30 & 6:30 pm.  Come meet our staff, receive a personal tour, and interact with other members of our "St. John Lutheran Church and School Family."  Join us for a meal in our Fellowship Hall provided and served by  members of the St. John School Board.  For more information, please contact Principal Jon Woldt ~ or 847-362-4424

February 2018

Play Date Ch Ch Ch Changes...

Little Lambs is an opportunity for little ones (infant-age 4) and their parents and caregivers to meet together for playtime and adult conversation. Everyone is welcome! Come as much or as little as you are able.

We are mixing up our play dates with a new schedule! We would love to see you and your little ones whenever you are able to attend. Everyone is welcome so help us get the word out! More info can be found here.

January 2018

Open House for Our School!

Join us for an Open House! - January 30, February 19, and March 16. Or come anytime for your own personal Open House tour: 8 am - 4 pm. The Open House offers an opportunity to learn about all the ministries of St. John Lutheran Church and School as well. Please spread the word. Come and see what it means to consider joining our "St. John Family."

Please contact Principal & Staff Minister Jon Woldt if you can attend and if you desire a personal tour & discussion of St. John:

Lutheran School Sunday - January 28

Join us and bring a friend after worship to celebrate the blessings of St. John Lutheran School. Visit each classroom for various presentations as we celebrate some of the different cultures of students and families we serve. Come and enjoy snacks (from various countries) in the classrooms, too! If you have questions on this special event, please contact Joel Westenberg, Teacher of grades 7-8:

Your Jesus' Love is Worldwide!

Billions of people live there. Nearly 2 million die each day without Jesus. But more and more, from friend to friend, Jesus is being shared. Eagerly, life is being shared. They don't have churches like ours, but they are the Church of Christ sharing Jesus with their friends, and family, and neighbors. Join us Sunday, January 21, and be inspired to do the same! Worship at 9; Family Bible Hour presentation at 10:30. Together, we're sharing the life of Jesus, not only here, but also with the billions in East Asia.

November 2017

Advent Wednesdays

Advent is a season of preparation.  We start with the hard heart-work of preparing our hearts and minds - it's time to be ready to meet Jesus as Lord and Judge.  With all the busyness and cheer of the season, it can find it hard to deal with that hard Truth.  But as the season moves closer to Christmas, we hear the promises of a Savior - promises that Jesus kept on the first Christmas.  Hearing those promises (and how Jesus keeps his promises) our worship turns to cheerful anticipation - our Lord is coming to deliver us!  To help with the hard-heart work, to help with the cheerful anticipation, we gather mid-week to rest and re-focus on Jesus.  We invite you to join us with Jesus on Wednesdays at 4 or 7, and for supper between the services.   

Singing with Luther

Luther loved Christmas! He loved the thought of God in a baby! He loved the thought of God in our skin and bones! He loved the thought of a baby saving the world! And he didn't just love thinking it, he loved singing it! This Advent for our Wednesday services, we will sing three of Luther's Christmas hymns. We'll sing more than the fluff of winter; we'll sing the meat of Christmas. We'll hear more than bells; we'll hear the love of God. We'll hear more than a cold-night's cheer; we'll hear God's warm heart for a cold world. Join us the Advent Wednesdays in December, singing with Luther. Services are at 4 and 7, with supper between the services!

2017 Water Testing Notice at St. John

In compliance with Public Act 99-0922 all the water sources used for cooking and drinking were tested for lead on the campus of St. John Lutheran School.
Great news! No detections were observed at more than 5 parts per billion. To review the completed report ~ 10/10/2017 ~ submitted to the state of Illinois click here.

October 2017

Reformation 500 at St. John

On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses on the church door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. Luther was calling out the church of the day for abusing people's consciences and pocketbooks. People with troubled consciences, people wanting to be right with God were being pointed to their pennies and performance instead of being pointed to Jesus and his promise of peace. Luther demanded reform - and the Lutheran Reformation was born.

Today - when our busyness is broken with broken hearts, broken health, broken lives - we realize that we still struggle with the same issues - Where is God in all this broken-ness? How can we know where we stand with God? How can we be right with God? How can we be sure?

As Lutherans, we are blessed to know the answer is found in Jesus - in his Word Alone, by Grace Alone, through Faith Alone. What does that mean for us in 2017? Join us as we re-discover and celebrate the treasures of the Lutheran Reformation!

November Worship and Family Bible Hour! -

What Does it Mean to Be Lutheran?

Some people think that Lutherans are like Catholics.

Some people think that to be Lutheran means to have music stuck in the 1500s.

Some people think that to be Lutheran means to constantly change the church.

Some people don't have any idea what it means to be Lutheran.

Throughout November, in both Worship and Family Bible Hour, we will explore what it means to be Lutheran (and what Lutheran doesn't mean).

Luther Library

Would you like to do some reading on your own or watch a movie with family or friends? Check out our Luther Library in the Fellowship Hall (or in our office library).


These Past Events Were Wonderful!

Luther Movie Night! -

Who Was Martin Luther? & Why Does He Matter? - Join us for the new docu-drama "A Return to Grace" at the Gurnee Mills movie theater on Monday, October 30, at 7pm. Eat with us at Mod Pizza in Gurnee and "design-your-own" pizza from 5:15 to 6:40ish. Guarantee yourself a movie ticket by buying online or from Pastor. (The movie will also be shown Monday, 10/23; Wednesday, 10/25; and Monday, 10/30 in the morning.)

Worship! -

Reformation Festival Service (St. John) - Join us Sunday, November 5, at 9am, for a look back with a taste of our Lutheran Worship heritage (A Mighty Fortress is Our God!) and a look ahead with a truly Lutheran call to action - "It's Time for a Change!"

Reformation Walk - Join us Sunday, November 5, during our Family Bible Hour (10:15am) for a walk back in time. Hear what life was like in Luther-time. Hear the lies that stirred Luther to action; hear the Truth the powered Luther to act in the face of danger and death.

Reformation Festival Service (Milwaukee) - Join us Sunday, November 5, at 3:30, at the Miller High Life Theatre in Milwaukee. We'll worship on a grand scale with thousands of fellow WELS Lutherans. Sign-up sheets for a bus ride are on the bulletin boards.

September 2017

St. John Community Picnic ~ Saturday, September 9

You are invited to our St. John Fall Picnic on Saturday, September 9. The evening begins with our Saturday worship service at 4 pm (please note the special time), followed by food, carnival games, and a wonderful time of fellowship. Please spread the word! Please ask your family members, friends, and neighbors to join us at this special event, too!

July 2017


The coffee is hot, the food is plentiful, and the fellowship is awesome! That, however, is just the beginning. Follow the food and fellowship, is "food for the soul" for all ages. Adults are invited to gather for Bible study and the children are encouraged to attend Summer Sunday School. If your child is not yet ready for Summer Sunday School, child care is provided during our Family Bible Hour, as well. Family Bible Hour immediately follows our 9 am Sunday worship service.

June 2017

Are You Interested in Learning More about St. John Lutheran Church and School?

Looking for a church home is not always easy. There are sometimes a number of questions that arise during the search. Having an informal meeting to discuss the truths of God's Word we profess and teach at St. John may be a good first step for you.

Please contact Jon Woldt, Principal and Staff Minister of Outreach at or 847-367-1441 ext. 2002 to schedule your meeting today!

Bible Study at Spring Meadows

Bible Study at Spring Meadows ~ 901 Florsheim Drive ~ Libertyville
Please join us on selected Thursdays for "Adult Bible Stories" at Spring Meadows at 10:30 am. Please check in at the front desk and proceed to the "Activity Room." The Bible study is led by Jon Woldt, Principal & Staff Minister of Outreach. Please join us and bring a friend, too.

July 6 & 20
August 3 & 17

May 2017

Blessings Beyond Compare . . .

On May 25, another year at St. John Lutheran School came to a close. It was a year filled with blessings from the gracious hand of our God. Each day the students grew in their gifts and talents and were encouraged in their walk of faith along the way, too. One of the many blessings of St. John Lutheran School is the Christian partnership that is shared among parents and teachers. Please contact us today and schedule a tour to discuss how St. John Lutheran School can be a blessing for your family, too!


Libertyville Days 2017 . . . Come visit our St. John Booth

Libertyville Days 2017 will be held on June 16-18. As you smell the food and walk from one booth to another, please stop in at the St. John booth. When you do, you will be able to chat with people from our "St. John Church and School Family." Stopping by the St. John booth at Libertyville Days offers an informal, non-threatening opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the ministries of St. John.

April 2017

Join Us for Easter!

On Sunday, April 16, we wake up early with the angels, with trumpet and timpani and song, to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord! Our "sunrise" service is at 6:30am. Our "festival" service is at 9:00am. Between the services we enjoy an Easter breakfast feast! Please join us in celebrating - Jesus lives!

March 2017

Shoreland Choir Joins Us!

On Sunday, April 2, our Shoreland High School Choir will join us in worship, sharing God's promise in Word and song. The choir will be singing throughout the special service sharing the theme - God's Hands are Safe. Shoreland, in Somers, WI, is a Christ-centered high school supported by a federation of WELS congregations.

February 2017

Lent with Luther: Standing at the Cross

Lent is a time special time for Christians. In our cold and darkened world, we aren't content with the lengthening days and warming weather of spring. We know we need more. It's not just the weather that is cold, not just the skies that are dark. We know we need more than longer, warmer days; our hearts are longing for more, our insides need to be re-charged with life, love, and hope. Busy lives, tired lives, proud lives may make us numb to that need, but they don't fix our need.

That's what makes Lent so good for us. Every year, in our cold and darkened world, Lent comes with its promise of Easter life and Easter power. That hope of Easter stirs us to recommit ourselves - we want more of Christ! That's why, for hundreds of years, Christ's people have gathered in Lent to grow closer to Christ, to grow deeper in our understanding of what his cross and empty tomb gets to mean for us.

This year, as we approach the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, we stand, first at the cross and then at the empty tomb, with Martin Luther. In his Lenten sermons and in his life, we see how Jesus charged and recharged Luther; we see how Jesus charges and recharges us. With Luther, we see what it means to stand with Jesus in life and death, at the cross and the empty tomb. Join us and be recharged. Join us and grow in appreciation of the incredible blessings God has given us as Lutherans!


Ashes on Ash Wednesday

Traditions that touch our hearts and point us to Jesus are treasures. A tradition that has become treasured among us is the use of ashes on Ash Wednesday. We won't be placing ashes on your foreheads, but we will use ashes as a way to make the "confession we say" into a "confession we see" by marking our confession with ash. In our Ash Wednesday service we will have the opportunity to step forward, dip our finger into a bowl of ash, and place our mark in the form of a cross on a burlap banner. We will then wipe our fingers clean and return to our seats.

Why make a mark with ash? The symbolism is rich:
     - we make our individual mark acknowledging our
       individual guilt
     - we make our marks together confessing our
       common sinfulness
     - we feel the rough texture of burlap - our sorrow
       and Christ's cross are rough and pained
     - we mark the sign of the cross - the cost of our sin -
       declaring our confidence in Christ as our Savior.

Not everyone will feel comfortable joining in this symbolism, so don't feel pushed. Feel free to participate as you are comfortable. Or feel free not to participate. Either way, feel free in the forgiveness of Christ!


January 2017

"Open House" at St. John Lutheran School

Please join us at St. John Lutheran School for our "Open House," January 24, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. Please sign in at the office on the main level of the school and enjoy the day viewing the blessings of St. John Lutheran School. You will have the opportunity to view classes in session and also to meet our administration team, teachers, and staff. We are glad you are coming! If you have any further questions, please contact Jon Woldt, Principal at 847-362-4424 or

Valentine Chili Cook-Off - It's Gonna' Be Hot!

Join us Sunday, Feb. 12, at 4pm for our annual chili cook-off! We have chili and a wonderful time. Adults are only $7. Grade School Kids Eat FREE!

Calling all home chefs...we need some volunteers to cook chili! We have some returning champs who would like to take home the coveted chili necklace, bragging rights, and restaurant gift card prize package. What the champs aren't counting on is your tasty recipe. Sign-up in the office, or talk to Sheryl Linnemann at 847.665.9568 (space is limited).


Waking the Dead - WELS Training Camp

Training Camp registration is open! Camp dates are Sunday, July 23 through Friday, July 28. All students entering grades 3-9 in the fall are welcome to attend. Please register as soon as possible. They only have room for 40 boys and 40 girls. For more information, check out their Facebook page: Training Camp WELS. Registration info can also be found in the church office.

December 2016

New Year's Eve

End the year with more than a bash and a bang. Close out the year with peace and hope (God's kind of hope - absolutely certainty) for a new year of blessing! We join at 5p for worship - to hear God's promise ... to receive God's power ... to share our prayer ... for a New Year of New Life.

After the service we join in our traditional New Year's Eve game night. We share snacks, soda, and a great time playing our favorite board games. Bring along your favorites (snacks, soda, games) and we'll provide pizza.


Our Saturday (New Year's Eve) and Sunday (New Year's Day) services will offer the same message of new life with a re-newed purpose.

Join us for our Children's Christmas Service

Jesus, God's Gift to You is the title and theme of the children's Christmas service this year. This is a special service that is led by the children of St. John Lutheran Church and School. The children ~ through Scripture, recitation and song ~ point us to God's greatest gift: Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world.

Please note that that there will be two opportunities to attend the worship service Jesus, God's Gift to You this year:Sunday, December 18, at 3 pm, and Thursday, December 22, at 9 am.

Please invite your family, friends, and neighbors to join our "St. John Family" in celebrating Jesus' birth.

Christmas at St. John

Join us Christmas Eve for a St. John Lessons and Carols Candlelight Service. We hear the sacred lessons and sing the songs of the precious promises and wonderful birth of our Savior. We darken the church for Silent Night in candlelight, and then close the service with a bright and joyful Joy to the World! Join us Christmas Eve at 7pm.

Oh, Come All Ye ... Everyone! Join us Christmas Day to celebrate the birth of Christ our Savior! Apart from hearing again the birth of our Savior in Luke 2 and closing the service with Joy to the World , our Christmas Day Festival Service celebrates with a different set of lessons and songs from our Christmas Eve service. We invite you to join us Christmas Day at 9am.

November 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

He stopped to give thanks. He had things to do; he had people to see; he had life to live. But he stopped all that. Why? To thank Jesus. Not just with a quick thought as he went on his way. Not just with a quick wish that if he just had more time he would give Jesus proper thanks. But he stopped his life to thank Jesus. Why? Without Jesus, he wouldn't have a life.

Because of Jesus, we have a life. Let's stop to give thanks. Join us Thanksgiving Eve (7pm) or Thanksgiving Day (9am) as we join in thanksgiving and rejoice in the life Jesus gives us!

Bring your family. Put the turkey on a timer. Lift a hand to help the cook. And join us for thanksgiving!

364 Days of Thanksgiving

Officially established in 1863, Thanksgiving Day has long been one of our most cherished national holidays, yet we only celebrate it once annually. What does that mean for the other days of the year? Join us for a three-week Worship and Bible Study series that will help you recognize the blessings you've been given and how to live with a spirit of thankfulness and generosity.

Our series starts November 6, but what do we do the rest of the year?  On November 6, join us for - 364 Days of Thanksgiving - to help you carry gratitude the rest of the year. 


October 2016

2016 WELS Chicago Conference Reformation Rally

Please join us Sunday, October 30, at our historic St. Andrew Lutheran Church located at 3650 S. Honore St, in Chicago. The Worship Service will start at 4:00 PM with the Rev. Mark Jeske, pastor of St. Marcus Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, serving as preacher. You may know Pastor Jeske as the host of the Time of Grace TV program ministry.

After the service, at 5:30 PM, a Fellowship Meal will be served across the street at the old St. Andrew's school building.

Transportation to and from the Service and Dinner
Several buses and vans have been and are being arranged to provide transportation.  For us at St. John, a charter bus is scheduled to pick us up at 2 PM that Sunday afternoon. We won't have to worry about driving or parking; we get to simply enjoy God's great gifts and grace!

Sign-up sheets are on the bulletin boards at both church entries. Please sign up soon.

More Information is available from Pastor Raddatz or at

St. John Family Night ~ November 15 “Getting our Hearts and Homes Ready for Christmas!”

Please join us in the fellowship hall on Tuesday evening, November 15, starting at 5:30 pm. We will have a pizza dinner served by our ministry team followed by special events that are planned to help with our family preparation for Christmas. The night will include viewing a short video, My Son, My Savior, and a presentation of various devotional materials that can be used with the family. There will also be an update on the blessings of our school's ministry and suggested ways to invite others to join our "St. John Family" as well. The evening events will conclude by 7:00 pm.

Please contact if you can attend so proper preparations can be made. Please let us know the number in your family and also if infant/toddler care is needed for the evening.

Friends of the Seminary Day

On Saturday, Oct. 1, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Auxiliary will host Friends of the Seminary Day. This annual event provides WELS members an opportunity to visit the beautiful seminary campus and learn more about the seminary's work. The day begins with fellowship and breakfast snacks at 8:00 a.m. Worship follows at 9:00. Activities include presentations by students and faculty members, guided tours of the campus, and a noon meal.

September 2016

Save the Date(s)

Jesus, God's Gift to You is the title of the 2016 Children's Christmas worship service here at St. John. The service will be held on Sunday, December 18, at 3 pm, and also on Thursday, December 22, at 9 am. Please "save the date" and celebrate the joy and meaning of Jesus' birth with us. Please also invite friends and relatives to attend with you as well.

“Little Lambs Play Group” at St. John ~ Fridays at 8:30 am

We had a great first "Little Lambs Playgroup" on Friday, September 9th! We had 5 adults and 8 children! A big "thank you" to all the moms for helping clean, sort, and make the room safe and friendly. Thanks to the Haak family for donating all the new play food and dishes for the kitchen. The room looks awesome! We are so excited for the year.

"Little Lambs Play Group" is held in the lower level "extra classroom" at St. John on Friday mornings starting at 8:30 am. Parents with infants and toddlers are cordially invited to join the fun.

For more information on "Little Lambs Play Group", please contact Rachel Bailey at

Fall 2016 Radio Ad for St. John Lutheran School

If you tune into WYLL AM 1160 radio you may be surprised to hear an ad for St. John Lutheran School. We pray that this 30 second ad will create greater awareness of the blessings of St. John Lutheran School and bring more lambs for us to serve. Tune in today and pray for the Lord's blessings on this special outreach effort.

August 2016

Join Us in Gurnee for Gurnee Days!

Gurnee is home to many in our St. John church and school family. Join us at our Gurnee Day's booth to meet friends, old and new, and to see what St. John Church and School has to offer with Jesus. We have games for the children, free Bibles, free videos, and more! We're at the Gurnee Days Festival on Saturday and Sunday, August 13-14. We hope to see you there!

July 2016

Fall Picnic

Save the Date:
Saturday, September 10
St. John Fall Picnic
Worship at 4 pm with children singing
(Note changed time of worship.)

Fun, Food, Fellowship, and Carnival-Type Games to Follow Worship!


Financial Peace University

This fall St. John will host Dave Ramsey's "Financial Peace University". Classes will be held on nine consecutive Wednesday evenings starting September 14 and running through November 9.

The class times are 6:30-8:30 pm. The cost of the class materials per couple or individual are $100 payable before or on the first day of the class. Cash or checks written out to St. John Lutheran Church will be accepted for payment.

Please note that child care will be provide upon request. Please RSVP to 847-367-1441 by September 7.

June 2016

Darkness to Light's ~ Stewards of Children Presentation Held at St. John

In preparation for the 2016-17 school year, the teaching staff of St. John Lutheran School was led in a presentation called "Stewards of Children" by Jon Woldt, Principal & Staff Minister of Outreach. Mr. Woldt is a trained facilitator for Darkness to Light's ~ Stewards of Children.

Darkness to Light is a national nonprofit organization that seeks to empower adults to prevent child sexual abuse. For more information visit

The teachers received added information and insight that will enhance the "Safe Child" best practices that are currently here at St. John.

Mr. Woldt plans to offer other sessions of "Stewards of Children" in the future here at St. John and potentially in the community as well. Please contact him for more information: or 847-362-4424.

May 2016

Adult Bible Stories at Spring Meadows

You are invited to join us at Spring Meadows ~ located at 901 Florsheim Drive in Libertyville ~ for Bible study on selected Thursdays at 10:30 am. (Please, see the church calendar of events for specific days.)  It is a wonderful opportunity to review some familiar Bible stories and apply them to our daily lives of faith.  St. John member Doris Garvin ~ together with Jon Woldt, Principal and Staff Minister of Outreach ~ helped to design the format that is used.  Please join us when you can for this special opportunity to grow in our knowledge of God's Word.

Finger-tip Pushups & Sharing our Faith

Mr. Woldt placed a special challenge before the 5th and 6th grade students. Mr. Woldt asked the class to consider competing in a finger-tip pushup contest.   This is not an easy challenge.  Push-ups are hard enough, but doing them with fingers extended . . . well, it's too much for most of us (Mr. Woldt included). 

Selected students took up the challenge.  Dilan in 6th grade seemed to be a lock for the coveted "Huge Hershey Bar" as he ripped off 30.  But then came Luke . . .  he zipped past Dilan's record of 30. But what I heard and saw was an awesome example of Christian love and encouragement.  I heard and saw Luke's biggest supporter, Dilan.  It touched my heart to see "faith in action" in such a special way.

It was amazing that a simple challenge turned into an opportunity exercise growing faith in Jesus and His Word.  What was displayed in and among the 5th and 6th grade students also points to the inspired Word of God from the book of James:

17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.18 But someone will say, "You have faith; I have deeds." Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.    James 2:17-18


We are truly blessed through the ministries of St. John Lutheran School.  Come schedule your personal tour today!

April 2016


Registration day for the 2016-2017 school year is
Tuesday, April 19, 3:35- 6:00p. The School Board will be cooking a taco fiesta to enjoy before or after you finish registration.

Up to $12,500 for St. John School in 30 days!

How? Participate in the Marquardt Buick-GMC "Drive for $50" campaign. It is designed to offer select charities and organizations a $50 per test drive contribution up to a max of $12,500 over a 30 day period. St. John has been selected to be one of the program participants from April 1to April 30.

How does the program work? It's as simple as 1-2-3.

1) VISIT: Visit Marquardt of Barrington Buick-GMC's showroom in Barrington. Immediately identify that you are there for the "Drive4$50" test drive.

2) DRIVE: Complete a brief registration form and choose which vehicle you would like to test drive. You will be required to verify proof of current driver's license and insurance card. Once verified you will go on short test drive in a new Buick or GMC with a Marquardt team member, then you are free to leave or look around.

3) EARN: Upon completion, Marquardt will donate $50 to St John.

What is the Fine Print?

Participants must be at least 18 years of age. Two participants per household.

March 2016

Share St. John with Your Friends

Another easy way to share all about St. John with your friends and family is to "like" us on Facebook. Just click here, "like" us, and invite your friends and family to do the same. Invite folks to join our St. John family.  

Good Friday ~ Special Chapel Service at 1 pm

Please join us for a special chapel service at 1 pm.  This service will replace our regular Wednesday chapel service during each school week.  The children in preschool through grade 8 will gather in church with others to contemplate the cost of our salvation in Jesus' death on the cross.   Everyone is cordially invited to attend.    

St. John School Open House ~ Tuesday, March 22 ~ 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

The children, parents and ministry team of St. John Lutheran School invite you to come and see a special "Jewel of Lake County". Please come and visit classrooms and see how children in preschool through grade 8 are served through our program of formal, Christian education.  Come see us anytime during the day, bring a friend, enjoy some snacks and good conversations about how St. John Lutheran School may serve your family or friends you may know.

"A Shining Light" on our "Shining Jewel"

A new addition to our fellowship hall is a "shining light" on the mural located on the back wall of the stage ~ painted by Mrs. Lofsness ~ that highlights the mission of St. John Lutheran School.  The light was installed by Ray Linnemann, a 1977 graduate of St. John Lutheran School.

As you view this special reminder, please consider inviting others to "Come and See" the blessings of our school.  May we also as God's people be led to "Pray" that the Lord would continue guide and bless all that is done in service to the lambs and families entrusted to our care. 

St. John Lutheran School which serves children in preschool through grade 8 is truly a special "Jewel of Libertyville & Lake County."  Bring a friend, neighbor, or relative for a personal tour with Jon Woldt, Principal & Staff Minister of Outreach or another member of our Ministry Team.  


Now is the Time to Register for Summer Camp!

Training Camp -Grades 3-9

Camp Phillip - Grades K-12

Shoreland Grade School Summer Sports Camps Grades 1-9


More information is available at each of the links. 





New to St. John on Saturday, March 19 ~ “Journey with Jesus for Adults”

Please join us for a new offering here at St. John.  On Saturday, March 19, there will be a "Journey with Jesus" for adults.  The event will be held in the 7-8th grade classroom beginning at 11 am.   Jon Woldt, Principal & Staff Minister of Outreach at St. John, will lead the adults through a time of Bible study and discussion focused on "Taking Jesus' Passion and Resurrection Home."  A special lunch will be served for the adults and infant/toddler care is available upon request.  Please contact the St. John office at or by calling 847-362-4424.

February 2016

Ashes on Ash Wednesday

A favorite tradition at St. John has become the use of ashes on Ash Wednesday. We don't place ashes on our foreheads, but we use ash as a way to make the "confession we say" into a "confession we see" by marking our confession with ash. In our Ash Wednesday service we will have the opportunity to step forward, dip our finger into a bowl of ash, and place our mark in the form of a cross on a burlap banner. We will then wipe our fingers clean and return to our seats.

Why make a mark with ash? The symbolism is rich:

  • we make our individual mark acknowledging our individual guilt
  • we make our marks together confessing our common sinfulness
  • we feel the rough texture of burlap - our sorrow and Christ's cross are rough and pained
  • we mark the sign of the cross - the cost of our sin, declaring our confidence in Christ as our Savior.

Join us Ash Wednesday, February 10.  We have services at 4 and 7 with supper in between.

January 2016

Lent at St. John

The Ironies of the Passion

Appearance and truth didn't match up. People in the dark sounded enlightened. Things just didn't look or sound the way we would expect. In our lives, irony can be funny or uncomfortably scary. As Jesus faces our death, we hear God laugh and we see Jesus his son torn apart and killed. Things just didn't look right or sound right; they looked and sounded all wrong. Join us to see how that wrong sets us right with God.  On Wednesdays, Lent is the church's season to join Jesus on the way to the cross. Join us Wednesdays at 4 or 7 as we unfold the "Ironies of the Passion" to see right made wrong and wrong set right. We have supper between the services.

On Sundays, Lent is the church's season to join Jesus in his victorious struggle against evil. This year in worship and Bible Study, he will encourage us and equip us to bring his peace to our conflicts. Join us for worship and the Bible Study - Christians in Conflict.

In 2016, the season of Lent begins February 10, with Ash Wednesday.  Please join us.

Sharing Jesus

Starting in January 2016, "Sharing Jesus" seminars will be offered to teens and adults of all ages. It will offer time for Bible study, encouragement, discussions and applications to our daily lives of faith. The goal is to gather God's people around His Word to equip us to share the message of Jesus and His Word in our homes, our community and our workplaces. Sessions will be in the sanctuary at St. John. Please join us and invite others, too!

Here is the initial set of meeting times, some of which have free child care:

 †     Tuesday, January 19  ~ 3:45 - 4:45 pm

  • Child care provided

 †     Friday,   January 22  ~  9:30-10:30 am

  • Great for retired & stay-at-home parents

 †     Wednesday, January 27 ~ 5:00-6:00 pm

  • Child care provided

Please contact Jon Woldt, Principal & Staff Minister of Outreach if you can attend this first session & if child care is needed: or 920-266-6773.

December 2015

Junior Choir on the Road

Our St. John School Junior Choir will be visiting local Senior Living Centers to sing Christmas carols and share the St. John School experience.  On December 7, we will be at Libertyville Manor at 2:30pm. The next day the Junior Choir will be singing at Brookdale in Vernon Hills at 1:00pm, Spring Meadows at 2:00, and finally at 3:00pm we will be at Manor Care. Anyone is welcome to visit and hear us sing about God's greatest gift to us, his Son.  Our St. John School Junior Choir is made up of students in grades 3-8.  We pray that God will bless our outreach efforts!

November 2015

Children's Christmas Services

Do you know people among your circle of family, friends, coworkers and neighbors that do not know the true joy and meaning of Jesus' birth?  Are you looking for a "conversation starter"?  How about inviting someone to a special Christmas worship opportunity?

Please join us and invite your family and friends for our special Children's Christmas service - Did You Know?  -Our Children's Services will be Sunday, December 13, at 3:00 pm, and Friday, December 18, at 9:30 am (new service this year)

The "new" service on Friday, December 18, at 9:30 am, will offer a special opportunity for those who may prefer a morning service ~ especially in the cold and potentially snowy days of winter.  Special invitations have been given to area senior living facilities through their activity directors.  And we invite you to join us and "spread the word" to others.  The hope is that many will join us for these special Christmas worship opportunities where the children share the wonderful news of Jesus' birth and the true joy it offers all people.

October 2015

New Playground at St. John!

We have new play equipment for our upper grade playground! On Monday, we passed village inspection. Today (Tuesday, October 27), we thanked God, we prayed that our playground be a place of safety, fun, and friendship, and we cut the ribbon opening the playground to the children.

Last spring we decided that our older student playground was no longer a safe structure for the students to play on and that it needed to be changed. Careful consideration was used to evaluate if fixing the playground or replacing the whole unit would be most beneficial. After weighing both options, it was decided that our money would be best used by replacing the playground with a new one. Our playground committee (headed up by Chad Grayckowski) hit the ground running to design a structure that was safe, age appropriate, and could also be incorporated with our physical education program. With many generous donations we were able to purchase the playground, and with many helpful hands we were able to install the playground.

God is good! Our St. John family saw a need and worked hard to make sure that need was met so that our children would have a safe place to play. Thank you to all who worked hard to make this project happen!

Reformation - We Celebrate Grace!

We are approaching the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther posting his 95 Theses on the Castle Church door on October 31, 1517. To celebrate this gift of God's grace we are having a special Reformation Festival the weekend of October 25. Pastor Andrew Bauer of our sister church in Lake Zurich will preach for us and lead us in worship. During our Family Bible Hour, he will lead us in a discussion of the 95 Theses. Please be sure to join us!

September 2015

A New Year and New Faces

Our new school year is off to a great start! In the morning, children and parents are smiling on the way in to school. In the afternoon, they're still smiling as they head home.

This year our classrooms were blessed with 32 new faces boosting our enrollment to 83 students!

One of our new faces this year is Principal and Staff Minister of Outreach Jon Woldt. Mr. Woldt's heart and experience are inspiring both staff and students, as we work together to grow in the wonders of God's world and Word. Interested in our school, our congregation, our Jesus? Mr. Woldt would love to speak with you. His contact information and more are found here!

Adult Bible Instruction Class

This fall we are beginning new Adult Bible Instruction Classes.  They offer a wonderful opportunity for prospective members, those curious about the general teachings of the Bible, and for members of St. John congregation to review the message of God's Love in Christ.  Studying God's Word is a tool of the Holy Spirit to create and strengthen faith as we are reminded by the inspired words of Paul in the book of Romans and 2 Timothy:

  •  "Faith comes from hearing the message and the message is heard                            through the word of Christ."  ~  Romans 10:17


  •   "From Infancy you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Jesus Christ."    ~   2 Timothy 3:15                                       

Adult Bible Instruction Class helps in equipping others to share the truths of God's Word with family members, friends, coworkers, and others with whom we come in contact on a daily basis.  New classes are starting this fall.  Sundays at 10:30 am (starting September 20), and Wednesdays at 3:30 pm are two opportunities, and we also have others.  Please contact Jon Woldt, Principal & Staff Minister of Outreach for more information:  or 847-362-4424. 

Tuck, Stain, and Seal

No, we weren't hit by a smash and grab. Our wooden church doors are getting some time in the shop for a new finish to survive the harsh eastern exposure. At the same time, our failing masonry joints are being refreshed to help keep the water out and the bricks and stones in place. Yet this fall we'll schedule a bit of roof repair, and God- and village- willing, installation of a new playground. With generous offerings, our playground project is funded. Please consider a special gift (time, talent, or treasure) to help with our facility upkeep projects.

New SCRIP Project!

Thank you for your SCRIP support! We now have a newly renovated office! We have a new playground coming this fall! Now it's time for a new project. This year our Jr. Choir (and maybe more) will be taking the St. John School experience out on the road to senior living centers and more (perhaps you know someplace to showcase St. John School). To make this possible (and practical), we will have transportation costs to cover. You can help take the St. John School experience on the road as you support SCRIP. Many SCRIP cards are available in the office and many more can be ordered for you! See our SCRIP page for more information!

July 2015

New Principal and Staff Minister to be Installed!

Join us Sunday, August 9, as we are blessed to install Mr. Jon Woldt as our new Principal and Staff Minister of Outreach. Mr. Woldt has been eagerly seeking to meet members of our community as well as our church and school family. If you haven't already had the opportunity to sit down with him, he'd love the opportunity to get to know you and to share his joy - the gospel of Jesus Christ changes hearts!

In our installation service we will also install Mr. Jim Weiland as our 5th and 6th grade teacher for this next school year. We thank God that Jim continues to serve with us.

You may wonder: "What is an installation service?" It's more than a pep-talk: "You go get them." It's a celebration of ministry together: "Together we go with Jesus!" Join us Sunday, August 9, at 9am.

June 2015

Join Us at Our Libertyville Days Booth!

Our Libertyville Days festival is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and catch up with old friends.  Come with your family, with your old friends, with your new friends, or come by yourself and see what St. John Church and School has to offer with Jesus.  We have games for the children, free Bibles, free videos, the Good News (in many languages), and contest prizes!   We're at the Libertyville Days Festival from Friday through Sunday, June 19-21.  We hope to see you there!

On Parade!

We are champions!  And we have a victory to share!  Join us Saturday, June 20, with our Libertyville Days parade entry (we have a winning tradition!).  We'll be setting up our parade camp at the church parking lot at 8a.  We'll be gathering at the Metra station for the parade at 10a.  Join us to share a St. John smile!  It will be a great time!

May 2015

St. John Looking Forward to New Principal

We will soon be welcoming Jon Woldt along with his wife and youngest daughter as they join us in ministry at St. John.  The Woldts are scheduled to begin their move from Winona, MN, at the end of June and arrive here the first part of July.  If you would like to help coordinate our pantry shower and welcome meals, please let pastor, Sarah, or Stephanie know.

Mr. Woldt will be serving with as principal of our school ministry.  With Sarah Lofsness continuing as Assistant Principal, Mr. Woldt will be especially focusing on reaching out and recruiting for our school ministry.  Soon to be former principal, Pastor Raddatz says that Mr. Woldt will be stepping in to lead a faculty that is already hard at work planning for our next school year.  "Our staff is excited about our ministry here and they're looking forward to another year of Jesus blessing his ministry!" 

Stay Tuned to XLC 102.3 FM this June

Thanks to a special gift for school outreach, St. John School will soon be hitting the airwaves!  This June, St. John Lutheran School will be running a series of radio spots on XLC 102.3 FM. To help stir interest and get families talking, we will be giving away a spot (until Christmas) in our preschool.  When you hear our ads, let others know.  We have something great to offer!

April 2015

Postcard Mailing to Be Sent to Area Parents for School Recruitment

20,000 unique postcards will be sent out in the next two weeks continuing our postal coverage and invitation to parents in the areas surrounding Libertyville to consider St. John Lutheran School for their children's academic and Christian education.