Grades 1 & 2


First and second graders are excited about school and ready to learn. They are full of questions about what we are studying and the world around us. To encourage a love for learning, we take time to discuss our questions and talk about where to look for the answers. We know God created each of us differently, so we enjoy our multi-grade classroom and the flexibility to join in where we are best able to succeed. Let's talk about how we can partner in the education of your child.

Monica Rehberger

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1st & 2nd Grade Teacher

Monica Rehberger was born in Saginaw, MI. Throughout her childhood, she also lived in California, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, attending five different Lutheran grade schools. For high school, she went to Luther Preparatory School, then attended Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN. She recently graduated from there with a Bachelor of Science in Education: a major in elementary education with minors in music and science. Her family lives and works in Appleton, WI, and both of her parents are called workers and teach at a WELS elementary school there.

God used both of Monica's parents as well as other pastors and teachers to encourage her towards ministry. Throughout grade school, she was positively influenced by many teachers, which led her to want to do the same for others in the future. Luther Preparatory School offered her a number of early ministerial experiences; and, at the end of high school, God led her to want to serve Him and others as a teacher, so she chose to go to Martin Luther College.

Martin Luther College gave Monica a diversity of experiences to prepare for future ministry. Drama productions, committees, instrumental groups, and choir helped her develop different practical skills useful in service of the church and school. The classes she took provided content knowledge, instructional methods, and Biblical wisdom applicable to the classroom. Furthermore, the field experiences she completed gave her realistic practice as to what daily life in a classroom is like. Monica's interests are running, cooking, playing board games, reading, and making music. She is very excited to live in Libertyville and looks forward to the upcoming school year at St. John Lutheran!

"I consider it a joy and privilege to be able to teach at a school where I can share God’s Word daily with my students and know the rest of the faculty shares my faith."