Grades 5 and 6


Fifth and sixth graders bring high levels of energy to the classroom, along with the ability to engage in group discussions and a more rigorous academic setting. To take advantage of these growth patterns, our classroom is set up to encourage student collaboration and include a variety of learning styles so deeper learning can be achieved. By having a multi-grade classroom, we absorb more knowledge and strive to attain high academic levels in preparation for high school. Let's talk about how we can partner in the education of your child.

Monica Wintrone

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5th & 6th Grade Teacher

Monica Wintrone has been teaching at St. John since her graduation in 2018. She began in the 1st and 2nd-grade classroom but is now excited to be moving to the middle school level. She looks forward to expanding the students' understanding through various teaching methods as well as preparing them for higher-level learning. At the church, she participates in music with organ, piano, violin, and voice.

Monica and her husband, Justin, live in Gurnee. She enjoys running, spending time outside, reading, cooking, visiting family, and playing board games.

Monica has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Martin Luther College with a major in elementary education and minors in theology, music, and science.

"It is such a blessing and privilege to teach at a place where I can share the love of Jesus with students every day, and then help equip them to do the same for others."

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