Grades 7 & 8


Seventh and eighth graders bring high levels of energy to the classroom, along with the ability to engage in group discussions and learn well cooperatively. To take advantage of these growth patterns, our classroom is set up to encourage student collaboration so deeper learning can be achieved. By having a multi-grade classroom, we absorb more knowledge and strive to attain high academic levels in preparation for high school. Let's talk about how we can partner in the education of your child.

Joel Westenberg

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7th & 8th Grade Teacher

Although Joel has lived in many places throughout his life, he calls Marshfield, WI his hometown. His father is a pastor at St. Peter's Lutheran Church just north of Marshfield, and his mother works at a catalog and gifts company. Rachel, his sister, lives in Watertown, WI and Samuel, his brother, will be attending high school in the fall.

Joel just finished his fourth year at Martin Luther College in the spring of 2017, but God decided to change his plans just a little! He is postponing his fifth and final year of college to teach at St. John for one year. Joel is very excited and eager to take on this call of service and meet new people, gain valuable teaching experience, and serve God in a new way!

In his spare time, Joel likes to read all types of books and magazines, study world geography and current events, travel (or at least make plans!), explore nature through hiking and camping, and create new adventures with his friends.

"I'm grateful for my fellow faculty members who support and care for me, and I feel truly blessed to teach at a school where the students are respectful and eager to learn. There is no greater joy than educating children about God's Word and preparing them for Christian lives of service."

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