Faith Connections

Faith CONNECTIONS for adults

Do you have questions about the Bible, Jesus, God, or whatever? So do we! That's why we connect with Christ and each other in Bible classes, Bible talks (less formal), and home Bible studies.


A great place to start, restart, and grow some more. We look at the key teachings of Scripture from sin and grace, to Jesus and his church, to purpose and power for today and life forever. As an introductory class for those interested in joining our church, this class also is a great refresher.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

We laugh. We ask our questions. We discuss God's answers. And we connect with Christ and each other. Some weeks we dig into a book of the Bible and other weeks we tap into God's wisdom on topics that help us face life's challenges. Class meets Sunday mornings from 10:30-11:30 AM and childcare is available.

Women's Bible Talk

By women, for women. Join us Tuesdays at 7 PM as we dig into the Bible, discuss a topic for Christian life, or just encourage and pray for each other.

Senior's Bible Talk

We're full of answers, but we still have questions. We're never too old to learn something new. We're never too smart to be done growing wiser. Join us Wednesdays at 9:30 AM in our church library.

Home Bible Studies

We have a group in Saddlebrook, another in Grayslake, and with your interest, perhaps another group in your neighborhood. If you are interested in joining a group or hosting a new group, let pastor know.

Faith Connections for Children

"Let the little children come to me ... for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Jesus said it and so do we. Our name — St. John Lutheran Church and School — shows our commitment to connecting children with Jesus.

First Steps

In baptism God puts his name on our children and promises to watch out for them as his very own. Through our Cradle Roll we seek to equip parents with songs, devotions, and more to raise their children in the love of God. If you would like some Jesus-helps for your children, let us know!

Children's Hour

On Sunday mornings at 10:20 AM, our children gather in Sunday School to learn and take to heart the history and promises of God's love.

Lutheran Preschool

Starting at age three, our children love our full-day, full-week preschool (half-day or partial week options available).
Learn more.

Lutheran Grade School

From full-day kindergarten to multi-grade classrooms, your children learn more than the basics. They learn what it means to grow up and grow together academically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Learn more.

Confirmation Class

Our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders connect in a three year program designed to give them a working knowledge in and a growing faith and understanding of the key truths of Scripture, preparing them for the Lord's Supper and life-long learning with Jesus.

Shoreland Lutheran High School

We are a member of the Shoreland High School federation offering our high schoolers an opportunity for a great Christian education. Learn more.

In our Bible classes and talks, we want Jesus front and center. Not just to tell us right from wrong and to give us his advice for life's challenges, but to give us his peace, his promise, and his power.

Faith Matters and Faith Connects

Faith matters. Without faith, there is no hope, no lasting purpose, no reason to live a life that matters. Without faith, we are left to live as if there is no God (at least no God we can count on as for us).

Faith connects. Faith connects us with God for a forever life of peace and blessing, and faith connects us with each other as the family of God. To grow in the gift of faith, we invite you to our various Bible studies.

What Should you Expect?

  • We are a Bible-Teaching Church. We aren't here to tell you what people think. We're here to tell you what God says. We believe and teach that every word of the Bible is God's perfect Word, completely true, and the only source and authority for Christian faith and life.
  • We are a Christ-Teaching Church. We aren't about opinions. We preach Jesus Christ, our crucified and risen Lord, as Savior from sin for us and all people. This is the message we share because it is the message God gives us to share. In Jesus we have God's love, power, and promise for this life and forever.
  • We are a People-Teaching Church. We all have our questions and struggles. Some of us like to talk; some of us prefer just to listen. Some of us like reading out loud; some of us don't (and you won't have to). We are all people with many differences, but in this we are alike - when we gather together with our Bibles we enjoy growing stronger in our connection with Christ and each other. Join us and we're confident you'll be blessed!

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Our Library

They need no internet connection. They have no batteries that die. They don't make you wait to reboot. They're called books - and we have them! We have:

  • People's Bibles — Devotional commentary on the books of the Bible
  • People's Bible Teachings — Studies on Predestination, Angels and Demons, Heaven and Hell, and more!
  • Bible Discovery Series — Discover Biblical archaeology or life in New Testament Bible Times, and more!
  • Luther's Works — We have a nearly complete set of the American Version of Luther's Works - top shelf!

We have a shelf of books on:

  • cults, world religions, and various Christian denominations
  • different Bible translations
  • different hymnals
  • church history
  • and much, much more!

Are you looking for a book on a specific topic?
Ask pastor; he'll know what we have to offer.