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March 2023

Mar 1 - In-Person Worship

We offer mask-optional worship - Saturdays at 5 and Sundays at 9.

Even though God is granting us some relief from COVID, let's still be care-filled with other's personal space and keeping doorways and aisles clear.  

Wary of Crowding?  Join us Saturdays for a smaller crowd.  And on Sundays, our service is online, and live (audio and video) in our Fellowship Hall.

If you or someone in your household are ill, PLEASE worship online at home!

Mar 1 - Midweek Lent Services

Easter is coming!  But first, we have Lent.  Before the joys of heaven, we have this life.   Lent is the church's time to prepare - for both Easter and heaven.  How?  By letting God's Spirit fill us with Jesus and what Jesus has done for us.  Our Wednesday Lent services give us a special opportunity for the Spirit to fill us with Jesus, as we hear and dig into the most Crucial Hours of world history - the hours when Jesus took on the forces of evil and death.  

Join us Wednesdays at 3:30 or 6:30.  We have supper between our services.  

Mar 21 - Enrollment Season has Begun!

We are excited to open enrollment season at St. John Lutheran School for the 2023-2024 school year!

We would love to discuss partnering together with you in the Christian education of your child. St. John emphasizes creating intellectual curiosity in a safe environment through experienced, caring teachers who truly get to know your child. St. John has achieved exemplary WELSSA and NCPSA accreditation and our teaching proudly includes a Project Lead the Way (PLTW) transformative STEM curriculum. Our SEVP-certified international school program has extended our reach in teaching Jesus to students from across the world. 

If you - or others you know - desire a formal, Christ-centered education for your child in preschool (age 3) through grade 8, consider St. John Lutheran School an excellent option. 

For more information or to schedule a personal tour, please visit our school web pages (, call our office at 847-362-4424, or email

Mar 22 - Easter Festival Services

Join us for Easter as we celebrate a new day with God!  Our Festival services are at 9 and 11am.  

April 2023

Apr 6 - Holy Week

Holy Week is special, and so are our services. (No service on Holy Wednesday.)

On Holy (or Maundy) Thursday, we gather for a special service and serving of the Lord's Supper. We close the service with "The Stripping of the Altar," stripping away the altar paraments, candles, and more, signifying how Jesus was left on his own after his disciples abandoned him. Our Holy Thursday service is April 6, at 7:00.

On Good Friday, we gather for a special Tenebrae service, a service of darkness and shadows reminding us of the darkness of Good Friday - the darkness of our guilt, the darkness of God's judging wrath, the darkness of the Good Friday sky, the darkness of death. Near the close of the service we hear the strepitus, a loud sound and crash reminding us of how the earth quaked and broke at Jesus' death. Our Good Friday service is April 7, at 7pm - note the later, darker time!

Apr 9 - Easter Food, Fun, Fellowship

Join us for Easter Sunday Festival Services at 9 and 11am!  Between our services, join us for Easter food, fun, and fellowship.  Part of the fun and fellowship will be a Easter Crafts for kids.  We hope you join us!