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My family has had a great experience at St. John in a variety of ways. Trusted teachers, a safe environment, solid biblical instruction, & an environment that cultivates holistic health for each of my children. Finding the right educational environment for your children can be so hard nowadays, so let me save you some time. Just go to St. John!

Mark L. — Parent in Libertyville, IL

I have two daughters who currently attend St. John's and have since they were in 3-year-old preschool. We absolutely love the St. John's faculty and staff and the community that St. John's parents and children form. Our girls receive a great education and a God centered one also which is important to our family. We are so blessed to have this school and church.

Karlie M. — Mundelein, IL

Positioned in a prime location in the heart of Libertyville, St. John Lutheran School is surrounded by top-rated, highly sought after public schools, but still stands out. Relocating with five school-aged children put finding the right schools at the top of our priority list. Libertyville public schools stood out among those in other northern-Chicago suburbs, but dull in comparison to what St. John has to offer. While surpassing the academic standards of public schools, St. John Lutheran School also offers low student-teacher ratio, individualized instruction which allows children to work at their own pace and unique level, and highly-educated, well-seasoned, kind and compassionate teachers. Despite the safeguards put in place to protect the safety and wellbeing of their students and staff, St. John offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all who enter. The principal and staff meet and greet students and parents both before and after class allowing constant, open communication. The students not only learn about various cultures and ethnicities through text book exploration, but through visiting with the child sitting to their right or left. They are given the opportunity to respect and appreciate their differences while discovering what makes them very much the same. The strong biblical foundation and Christ-like values instilled by the Pastor, Principal, teachers, and staff at St. John makes us all part of one family.

Joelle M. — Libertyville, IL

I have two children who attend St. John's in Libertyville. St. John's is a true hidden gem. The academics are advanced compared to the highly rated public schools nearby. The parents are very involved, the principal and teachers go above and beyond because they care for the students. The tuition is very affordable as well. We love this school.


This school is like a big family. It is a throwback in terms of the hands on approach to learning but also advanced in what they learn. We are so thankful to have our children at St. John's.


I had two daughters who attended St John from kindergarten through 8th grade. While my primary objective was to provide a solid, Christian education, I found the smaller classes and individual attention prepared my daughters extremely well for higher education. My younger daughter is now a HS junior and is near the top of her class. My older daughter has completed college and is now a working professional. Besides being well-equipped to continue their education, both girls are deeply rooted in their faith and have a true understanding of the value of service. I am thankful for the instruction and guidance they received at St John during their years there. I would strongly recommend this school to any like-minded parents looking for quality Christian education.

Steve L. — Mundelein, IL

There are many people I need to thank for the good years that my four grandchildren are spending at St. John Lutheran School. Those wonderful kids are being trained well academically, but more importantly, they are learning by word and example how to live as Christians in this fallen world. To look at them is to see they are flourishing. What a blessing that my son and daughter-in-law found St. John Church and School.

My parents sent me to a Lutheran school, and in turn, I sent my children. I look back at those congregations and their schools and remember the struggles we members faced and also our faith in God's presence in our lives as we struggled.

Thank you to all the members of St. John Lutheran Church for your love for the young Christians you are helping to educate. Thank you, pastor, teachers, principal, for your love and dedicated work. May God always strengthen and encourage you as you touch so many lives in His Name, and may He continue to bless you as you seek His guidance in carrying out the work He has for you.

Ruth H. — Grandparent

I recently attended the Junior Choir concert at Libertyville Manor. What a treat! The Junior Choir and wonderfully and I was greatly impressed by their skills. This morning (May 20) I visited one of our St. John members residing at Spring Meadows... What a great tribute to their Christian parents, but also to the God-fearing staff that God has blessed us with at St. John. We pray our Good Shepherd blesses these kids as He guides them through adolescence, the teenage years and adulthood. We have an awesome God.

Jim S. — Green Oaks, IL

St. John provides the message of God's word delivered every school day, which is the foundation of our belief to nurture spiritual growth. Our curriculum provides the tools necessary to enhance our student's intellectual progress with rigor and up-to-date technology that equips our learners to further their education once they graduate from the eighth grade.

Jim W. — Kenosha, WI

God has blessed St. John with a wonderful caring staff that serves students as if they were their own children. From the first day I met everyone, I felt welcome and knew this is a God-pleasing learning community of Christian educators. The teachers are mindful of planning lessons that meet the needs of all students.

Jim W. — Kenosha, WI

Students are well-prepared for the rigors of a college-prep high school experience. The St. John team works hard to provide the foundation students need to be successful at the next level of education. We are thankful to be a partner school with St. John.

Paul Scriver, President at Shoreland Lutheran High School — Somers, WI

I feel very blessed being a member for so many years. Many friends are very heart warming and friendly. We are a family! Bible class on Sundays is such a pleasurable time.

Eloise B. — Libertyville, IL

We are so happy that our first grandchild is attending St. John. As a family who has a long history Christian faith-based education, we value that he is being educated in that warmth of Christian love at St. John. We are extremely impressed with the educational quality, musical emphasis, and diversity. We loved attending our grandson's first Grandparents Day!

Victor and Diane K. — Indiana

"Our son is in preschool at St. John Lutheran School, and we plan to send both him and our younger daughter through their grade school years. As young professionals, we value the high-quality, accredited education in a small classroom. As Christians, we value the Christ-centered, safe, and caring environment in which that excellent education is taught. St. John combines both in a community-centered setting with great teachers who truly care about their students and love to invest in their intellectual education and spiritual foundation."

Peter and Lisa K. — Mundelein, IL

"As our family was in the midst of our international adoption of two sisters, ages 3 and 13, we knew we needed educational support to help our oldest daughter catch up academically before officially enrolling in school. The staff at St John was the first to consider our situation a blessing and opportunity instead of just a headache. The staff welcomed our special needs and quickly integrated our children into the St. John family. We couldn't be more appreciative. Our children who attend St John are thriving! We are beyond thankful for God's provision of not only a school but also a staff who feels more like an extended family."

John and Hyacynth W. — Hainesville, IL

"My daughter Faith started St John Lutheran with 3-year-old PreK. She's now in third grade. Truly a blessing to be able to leave my daughter here over the past five years for eight hours a day! Knowing that she's in a safe place is truly by the grace of God and St John's commitment to serving the Lord and our children and their parents! Thank you!"

Keisha J. — Vernon Hills, IL

"My family appreciated the daily morning devotion and Wednesday chapel. My daughter loved to tell me new things she had discovered about God through "ChristLight" (morning devotion). It was also very lovely and even heart-warming to see older kids from upper grades paired with younger ones and lead them to the sanctuary every Wednesday morning. I'm so thankful that my daughter was nurtured under many loving and caring hands at St. John."

Hannah H. — Libertyville, IL

"The kindergarten program at St. John Lutheran School was truly nurturing to my daughter in so many ways. It offered so many hands-on experiences, which evoked her curiosity and instilled the love of learning. Mrs. Lofsness seemed to constantly search for a new project for each day, which would feed the young minds of her students effectively. After the school year, we came to fill one space of our living room with all the things she had made throughout the year! Mrs. Lofsness is very approachable, friendly, and at the same time faithfully sticks to the principles."

Hannah H. — Libertyville, IL

"We are especially thankful for the attention to different learning styles of students and the individual attention the small faculty to student ratio offers. We can tell that the teachers and staff arrive each and every day with energetic enthusiasm and prayerful intent, ready and willing to make Christ-like teaching and learning happen in the classroom and beyond. As a non-church family, we've also always felt welcome and part of the larger St. John family over the past six years."

David & Margot B. — Grayslake, IL

"I can't say enough about the positive experience that my son has had at St. John Lutheran School. I am thrilled with the skills that he has learned which has given him such a strong foundation for academic success in the future! My son has gained valuable social skills as a result of attending St. John as well. Everyone who attends St. John is treated like family. It is this type of atmosphere that makes St. John such a special place, one that is dedicated to teaching the whole child."

Jennifer G. — Vernon Hills, IL

"I like that the focus is on Jesus in his class work!"

Diane B. — Mundelein, IL

"St. John Lutheran School has been wonderful for our son! He has become confident and excited to learn. He tells us often that he loves Jesus, and that Jesus loves him!"

Keith L. — Round Lake, IL

"We are blessed at St. John Lutheran School with a wonderful teaching staff -- one that cares about the students AND the parents."

Brian S. — Wauconda, IL

"The school is filled with warm, God-loving people who seem to genuinely love the uniqueness of each child and desire to bring out the best in them. If you are looking for a prep school where you and your children can get to know nearly everyone and where parents and teachers work together to raise well-rounded, God-loving children, this is the place for you!"

Larry and Tiffany P. — Gurnee, IL

"All three of our children attended preschool at St. John Lutheran School. We looked around for a good preschool that was more than just a daycare -- it needed to have a curriculum too! We found it with with St. John Lutheran School! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good education in a friendly environment."

Kim M. — Libertyville, IL

"When we moved to the area, we knew we would be sending our sons to a parochial school (preferably WELS). We checked out a few, but as soon as we met the people at St. John Lutheran School, we made up our minds. That was over ten years ago. We live more than 10 miles away and couldn't be happier to be making the drive for our children. The faculty and staff are just wonderful!"

Darin M. — Round Lake Beach, IL

"St. John Lutheran School offers wonderful programs for early childhood education -- so much more comprehensive in educational content and spiritual element than alternative faith-based programs in Libertyville at a cost that is an excellent value for the money."

Peter and Nancy B. — Libertyville, IL