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Creating an Account

When you create an account on raiseright.com, you will be asked for an enrollment code. This can be obtained by contacting our school office at office@stjohnslib.com.

A way to bring funds to our school that doesn't cost anything!

For over 15 years, we have participated in a program called RaiseRight — a fundraiser that doesn't cost participants a penny extra. You simply buy regular gift cards & use them to pay for everyday purchases — nationwide. St John Church & School receives a percentage of every card purchased. It's that simple. Our funds have enabled us to buy needed items such as playground equipment, an upgraded office phone system, and more.

Do you buy groceries? Put gas in your car? Drink coffee? Travel? Buy school supplies? Clothing? There are more than 750 retailers who work with RaiseRight, & the list continues to grow as more companies seek to support non-profit groups across the country.

Whenever we place an order, your gift cards arrive in less than a week. We also stock many cards right in the office, so you can pick them up before shopping or dining out. Easiest of all, you can place your order online & receive certificates by email within minutes. And you can re-load many of your cards so you don't even have to stop and purchase new ones.

Calculate the possibilities

What could your family generate from RaiseRight?

In a single sample month:

  • Groceries from Sam’s $300 gift card, $7.50 goes to St. John's
  • Gas at Speedway $100 gift card, $4 goes to St. John's
  • Household items from Target $50 gift card, $1.50 goes to St. John's
  • Clothing from Kohl’s $50 gift card, $2 goes to St. John's
  • Birthday Gift from Bath&Body Works $20 gift car, $2.40 goes to St. John's
  • Dinner Out at Chili’s $50 gift card, $5.50 goes to St. John's
  • Fast Food at Wendy’s $30 gift card, $1.95 goes to St. John's
  • Haircuts at Great Clips $30 gift card, $2.40 goes to St. John's

Your gift to St. John's in just one month = $27.25, in a year = $327!

What do you think we can achieve together?

10 Families = $3,000+
20 Families = $6,000+

Give RaiseRight a try today! Go to raiseright.com or stop by our office for more info.