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St. John Lutheran School is a great choice for a private Christian school if you live in:

  • Libertyville
  • Grayslake
  • Gurnee
  • Mundelein
  • Round Lake
  • Vernon Hills
  • Great Lakes Naval Station

At St. John Lutheran School, we believe enrollment is about more than paperwork and payment. Because we want your child to have an exceptional educational experience, we are interested in more than just filling our classrooms.

Please call us to set up a time when we can sit down with you and your child to discuss how we can partner together in your child's education.


We realize that tuition and fees can be a critical issue in choosing a private Christian school. At St. John Lutheran School, we try to find the right balance so that we can provide a quality education with reasonable tuition. To meet the needs of our families, we offer member, multi-child, and military grants. We also offer a tuition assistance program to families who are unable to afford the tuition. In addition, to make the payments as easy as possible, we also offer flexible payment plans.

Tuition Assistance

With Jesus we want as many children as possible to grow with his Good News, every day learning and growing in the wonders of His love as they learn and grow in the wonders of His world. Since Jesus loves all the little children, and not just those with financial means, we offer tuition assistance to our families to help with the cost of tuition.

Every student at St. John Lutheran School receives tuition assistance from the congregation in the sense that the tuition charged is much less than the actual cost of the education received. The congregation subsidizes the school as its primary mission work.

We recognize that God does not provide all families with the same financial resources and that some families may not be able to afford the cost of tuition. We also recognize that as a congregation, we are a family. As a congregation family, we have made a commitment that our member children (and prospects actively seeking fellowship in our congregation life) will not be denied a Christian education here because of financial need.

Families who truly are in need of assistance are asked to first apply for an Illinois school choice/tax credit scholarship for any children enrolling in Kindergarten - 8th grade. See our webpage for scholarships, which can cover up to 100% of tuition and fees.

After this is completed, families may apply for a tuition assistance grant. All tuition assistance applications are screened by an independent tuition assistance program and grant amounts are determined by family need.

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