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Student Information


Parent/Guardian Information

Are parents divorced or separated?
With whom should admissions correspond?
With whom does the child reside?

Parents/guardians of the applicant must agree to attend the Bible Information Class to acquaint themselves with the religious instruction their children will receive at St. John Lutheran School.

Do you wish to become a member of St. John Lutheran Church?
Would you regularly attend worship services at St. John?

Church Information

Are you active members of your church?
Is your child baptized?
Does your child regularly attend church?
Does your child regularly attend Sunday School?

Academic Information

Has your child ever had problems in school with regard to (check all that apply)
Has your child ever been promoted more than one grade in a year?
Has your child ever been retained in any grade?

Other Children in the Family

References (At Least One Non-Relative)

How did you hear about us?
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