Worship Music

Senior Choir

The senior choir regularly meets Tuesdays during the school year at 7 PM. We sing a variety of songs (psalm or hymn settings, anthems, or assist the congregation with new hymns) throughout the service about once a month. During rehearsals you will receive basic music training and theory and improve skills such as sight reading, all while learning works from our church's treasury of sacred music. We always welcome new members any time during the year! It is a great opportunity to serve your Lord in a fun way with fellow singers.

20 Rank Berghaus opus 228 Organ

St. John Lutheran Church is blessed to have such a wonderful instrument to lead us in worship. This 1,283-pipe organ has three divisions: great, swell, and pedal. With the vast array of sounds we can produce, we are able to accompany any size group from a soloist to a sanctuary full of people.

Learn more about our organ.

Musician Support Fund (MSF)

As a musical church, we encourage people to play musical instruments. We recognize not every family is able to afford music lessons. We established the MSF to pay for instrument rental, rent-to-own instruments, instrumental lessons, or repair fees on instruments they already own.

Email Monica Wintrone for more information or an application.

St. John Lutheran Church recognizes the value of music. Lutheran worship principles have always included the practice and presentation of music in worship.

MUSIC DURING Worship Services

Whether carried out through instruments or voices, all music in our worship draws worshipers' attention to Christ. The music chosen, which could have been composed anytime from centuries ago to days ago, pays special attention to God's law and gospel message.

St. John Lutheran Church strives to highlight the theme of our worship service every Sunday by having the Sunday School children, Lutheran elementary school children, senior choir, soloists, small ensembles, or instrumentalists perform during worship.